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Extreme Cryo Symposium 2015

Interested in cryopreservation (cells, tissues, organs), tissue engineering, and/or transplant and regeneration of bone and cartilage? Register and submit an abstract for Extreme Cryo 2015.

  1. Risk management program makes safety a priority for students

    Companies rely on engineers to protect workers, the public and the environment, and to prevent costly disruptions to operations and damage to facilities.

  2. Graduate continues studies on droplet behaviour as post-doc at Princeton

    After 8 years of studying chemical engineering, Orest Shardt received an NSERC fellowship for post-doctoral studies at Princeton University.

  3. PhD graduate lands position at Intel

    Erin Bobicki never guessed that she would be moving to Portland, Oregon, to work at Intel after completing her PhD in mining and mineral processing.

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